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How effective is online therapy?

It is very effective. Whilst there is a physical distance between the client and the therapist online, the screen allows for people to move nearer to it, meaning that, in one sense, the client and therapist are, in fact, physically closer. 

Research has found that positive therapeutic relationships are formed via video therapy, with a competent therapist. I have online training to ensure that your therapy is both safe and effective. 

The power dynamic within a therapy room can be a potential barrier to the therapeutic relationship. Clients may, therefore, be more inclined to open up in the safety of their own home, so working online can help to dissolve this power imbalance and encourage openness. 

Does the evidence support this?


  • Watts et al. (2020) discovered a potentially stronger therapeutic relationship in clients engaging in online CBT. 
  • Simpson et al. (2009) found that online clients felt ‘less self-conscious and intimidated’ 
  • Mitchell’s recent study (2020) found that online clients tend to ‘emerge with higher levels of hope.’ 
  • McKenna and Bargh (2000) found that those who struggled with relationships may actually create stronger therapeutic relationships online. 

What do I need, to work online?

Access to Zoom, via either a laptop, pad or mobile phone, and a safe, confidential space.

I have some concerns about working online

Feel free to contact me to discuss this if you’d like more information. I’m always happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Online Therapy - Hampshire Therapy Room
Online Therapy - Hampshire Therapy Room