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Sometimes, that’s asked of you, as a rhetorical question, implying that perhaps you should overcome your own reluctance to do something. Maybe, that’s because the person asking wouldn’t be afraid of that particular event, incident or object, but you can almost guarantee that they would be afraid of something, possibly something that wouldn’t bother you at all. That can be easy to forget when we consider our own worries and perceive them as irrational or trivial.

We are all afraid of something.That something is different for each of us, though, and it’s possible to not even be aware of what our fears are and where they stem from, especially as we continue through our busy lives. Phobias tend to be fairly conscious fears but there are usually multiple others lurking behind our often calm exteriors.

Sometimes, we feel these fears physically before we recognise them at a cognitive level. They can present as digestive issues, headaches, sweating, a tight throat, heart palpitations, twitches. Needless to say, physical symptoms should always be medically investigated, to rule out any biological causes, but, in the absence of these, such symptoms may well be the product of anxiety, whether there is a conscious awareness of this or not. When you encounter these physical symptoms, or perhaps constantly troubling thoughts, it is time to ask yourself, ‘what are you afraid of?’, in order to process this, consider where it originated from and begin to work through it.

This is where therapy can help, as it’s not necessarily clear to us where these feelings come from but the nature of the supportive therapeutic relationship allows us to explore this openly and without judgment. Sometimes, it is clear where the feelings or symptoms originate from but it’s less clear how to solve them. Again, this is where therapy can help. Hypnotherapy, in particular, offers a relaxing and creative space to explore possibilities that we can struggle to consider consciously, with the noise of our lives booming in the background.

So, if you’d like to free yourself from your fears, feel free to get in touch.

What are you afraid of?

8th August 2023